Wednesday, July 1, 2009

la ceiba rallies!

[Photo courtesy of La Prensa]

The people of the north coast city of La Ceiba come out in support of the interim government of President Micheletti. A friend of mine who attended said that there had been rumors all day that thugs supporting the return of Zelaya would attack the peaceful marchers. Rally organizers requested a heavy police presence to protect the marchers and received it. The rumors turned out to be real and the thugs took control of the city's central park. Those supporting the interim Micheletti government just marched down the main avenue past them and congregated at the beach instead. I think it speaks volumes that the supporters of the exiled former President are violent thugs and the people celebrating his departure are courageous men, women and children.

Saludos ceibeños! La patria los agradece!

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