Monday, August 3, 2009

the $339,000 girl

Beatriz Valle, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs during Manuel Zelaya's administration, earned US$24,239 a month - that's US$339,346 a year*! To put this in proper perspective, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earns $196,700 a year (and she works for what is arguably the world's wealthiest country). Hell, Ms. Valle was just $60K shy of earning the same salary as the President of the United States! This size salary for a Honduran bureaucrat is a travesty beyond comprehension in a poor country with so many underfunded - and unfunded - projects. This sense of entitlement to shovel taxpayers' monies into their bank accounts is simply disgusting. It makes you wonder what Zelaya owed Ms. Valle. Moreover, this underlines the fact that Zelaya was really no "champion of the poor." If anything, he was the champion of his social circle. This is exactly what many suspect the so-called "21st Century Socialism" is all about.

*Hondurans get paid two extra monthly salaries each year (one in June and one in December), therefore, 24,239 x 14 = $339,346.

Source: El Heraldo [Google translation]

If this is how much the deputy minister earned, I wonder how much Patricia Rodas, his actual foreign minister, was taking home? This is all so disgusting.

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