Saturday, August 1, 2009

Zelaya's "militia"

Mel announced on Wednesday that he will form a "popular army" with his followers on a farm near the city [of Ocotal, Nicaragua], to join him in his third attempt to return to Honduras. Zelaya left for Managua on Thursday, but delegated to Carlos Reina the organization and training of his "soldiers" in Ocotal. "We have received no training," said Ruben Ortiz, a peasant of 60 years who soon after was ordered to shut up.

Photo and source: La Prensa [Google translation]

Again, I pose the question: What's this cracker on? Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped in someone else's drug trip. This shiz is surreal! His behavior and antics read like a chapter from Garcia Marquez's Cien Anõs de Soledad. Or an Almodovar movie. Even before he tried to sack the Constitution this dude obviously had no business running a country.

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