Friday, August 7, 2009

kicked to the curb. again.

Sometimes it was better to feel like the president than to be the president. I say this to Lopez Obrador, who is listening.

Manuel Zelaya made this controversial statement at a public event in Mexico City attended by leftist supporters of Manuel Lopez Obrador. Lopez Obrador was narrowly defeated by Felipe Calderon in the last Mexican elections and refused to accept Calderon's victory, calling himself the "legitimate president" of Mexico. Zelaya's statement was intended to recognize Obrador's position. Amazingly, he made this statement shortly after President Calderon had invited him to Mexico and received him with honors reserved for a head of state. What an idiot!

Apparently, Lopez Obrador was not the only one "listening." Mexican senators and representatives called Zelaya's statement "disrespectful" and referred to him as "an ungrateful traitor." "The chavista bit the hand that was giving him a piece of bread," said one. President Calderon was so pissed he ordered his people to immediately escort Zelaya to the airport and not allow him any contact with the press. Zelaya tried to hold a press conference anyway, but the Mexican authorities did not allow it. Even though President Calderon happened to be at the presidential hangar at airport at the same time, he made no attempt to acknowledge Zelaya. Mexican media reported that a "visibly rattled" Zelaya was almost pushed unto the plane that returned him to Managua, Nicaragua. Ouch!

Yet another country kicks this moron to the curb.

Source: [Google translation]

Note: Zelaya travels on a jet provided by Hugo Chavez.

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La Gringa said...

Do you think that Zelaya will file a human rights complaint against Mexico? Denied his human right to give press conferences!

The longer he is out there, the better for Honduras. The fact that he contradicts himself in every other speech hopefully shows the world that he can't be trusted.