Thursday, August 27, 2009

he's not trustworthy

I would honestly like to know how the U.S., the OAS and the rest of the world (in the unlikely event of Zelaya's return) are going to ensure the former president complies with the San Jose Agreement? The "resistance" leaders are saying they will demand that Mel convenes the Constituent Assembly.

- Carlos Canelo, Honduran citizen commenting on the political situation.

Mr. Canelo is asking a very relevant question. Manuel Zelaya has already shown contempt for and disobedience of Honduran courts. That's the main reason he was thrown out of the country. How can someone with this mentality, who feels he's above the rule of law, be expected to abide by a "political agreement"? Plus, everyone knows Zelaya is just a puppet of Hugo Chavez, and that Chavez, in particular, has zero scruples. Given the opportunity they, together, will slash and burn Honduras's democratic institutions so that no obstacles to Chavez's expansionist ambitions remain.

Manuel Zelaya is not trustworthy. This is a major reason the authorities of the Interim Government are so adamant and unyielding that Zelaya cannot return to the country as president. Only snakes are chavistas. Chavistas are all snakes.

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