Thursday, August 27, 2009

the arsonist

Two months [since Zelaya was removed from office] Chavez and company still want the arsonist returned to put out the blaze. Having hastily joined the multilateral consensus that condemned the defensive actions of Honduras’ Supreme Court and legislature as a “coup”, the Obama Administration still insists Zelaya must be returned to office. While a democratic outcome in Honduras hinges on the legitimacy and fairness of the November electoral process, Washington joins with Chavez in pressing for Zelaya’s return.

- Heritage Foundation

They want the arsonist returned to put out the blaze...

Wow, if that isn't the perfect metaphor for describing the Honduran situation, I don't know what is. The only thing I could add: ... and Hugo Chavez is contributing drums of gasoline ... while the United States is turning off the water supply.*

WTF?! This is beyond surreal. What has happened in the world when your supposedly good Big Brother is no longer there to help you defeat the Bad Nasty Bully? When, to your heartbreaking surprise, you realize your Big Brother is instead assisting the bully? Adding insult to injury, your Big Brother is doing this despite the fact that you've allowed him to use your territory for decades in defending against his enemies. Whatever has happened, it's just plain wrong. It's seeming nowadays that the world is upside down: good is bad, and bad is good.

We Hondurans will face the challenges that lie ahead knowing deep inside that we are good people, that we are doing right in defending our democracy, and that somehow we will prevail.

Take action! If you are an American citizen and you are unhappy with your government's actions regarding the situation in Honduras please contact your U.S. Senator and/or Representative and let them know how you feel.

* see comments.

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Pete said...

I thought it would have been "the arsonist returned to stoke up the fire".

And the United States cut off the water supply!:-)

Great blog - keep it going!