Saturday, August 22, 2009

not-so-glam life in exile

Enrique Flores Lanza, ex-Minister of the Presidency under Zelaya (considered Zelaya's right-hand man), was spotted taking an exercise walk yesterday in Managua, Nicaragua with his beard wife. What's the matter, Lanza? Has Papi Chavez started cutting back on you bunch of tools now that you're no longer of use to him? No more narco- petro-dollars for gym memberships? Tsk, tsk.

Flores Lanza has an arrest warrant against him in Honduras for allegedly illegally removing some 40 million lempiras from the Central Bank in the days leading up to June 28. I can imagine Missy is edgy. He was obviously caught by surprise by the photographer, and the look on his face is just priceless. It's hard to determine whether that look of utter disgust and repugnance is directed at the photographer, or if it is directed at himself for the stinky mess he has made in his pants. I'm guessing the latter.

It must really suck to be you. In so many ways.

Photo and source: La Prensa

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