Tuesday, August 25, 2009

OAS mission fails to twist Honduras's arm

Photo: El Heraldo

An OAS commission that included such heavyweight foreign ministers as those of Mexico, Argentina, and Canada stated late today that it has failed in its mission to convince the Interim Honduran Government headed by Roberto Micheletti to accept the San Jose Proposal. The interim government reiterated that the return of Manuel Zelaya to the presidency (one of the main points of the proposal) is unacceptable and non-negotiable.

In a move that indicated that hemispheric governments have been forced to recognize the strength, stability, and legality of the Interim Government, the commission met with President Micheletti this afternoon. Previously, OAS Secretary Insulza had arrogantly refused to meet with Micheletti, claiming the interim government was not recognized by the OAS.

Perhaps the reality that Zelaya is history is sinking in. With all branches and institutions of government, the military, the police force, the private business sector, and 90% of the people opposed to Zelaya's return, the world community would basically have to destroy Honduras (economically and/or militarily) to impose the Hugo Chavez freak back on us.

Why would anyone do that us? Deliberately create chaos, uncertainty, and instability in Honduras so an alleged traitor to the country can finish the six remaining months of his term?! Deliberately weaken the country's democratic institutions so that Chavez could swoop in and take control?! I call bullshit! It makes absolutely no sense. We are a sovereign country. Zelaya's deserved removal was carried out because he screwed up bigtime. General elections are coming up on November 29. Come January 23, 2010 the winner of the elections will take over from President Micheletti. If viewed correctly, this situation has ceased to be a crisis. It will take care of itself in a matter of a short time.

Everybody, including Manuel Zelaya, just need to chill and back the hell off. If Zelaya had not broken the law, disobeyed our courts, and attempted against our Constitution, none of this would have ever happened. He is the one that went rogue (obviously following the orders of Hugo Chavez). The economic and mental duress on Honduran society that has resulted from his actions are unpardonable. Additionally, he now has blood on his hands. If this man had even a shred of dignity, he would abandon any claim on the Honduran Presidency and come face the criminal charges pending against him in Honduras.

If he had a shred of dignity...

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