Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Congress to decide Zelaya's reinstatement (or not) on Dec. 2

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Congressional president, Jose Alfredo Saavedra, called congressional deputies today to a session set for December 2 to decide on the return or not to power of ousted president Manuel Zelaya. 

"We have decided, along with my other colleagues on the [Congressional] Board, to formalize the call for a full session on December 2 to address the item relating to point 5 of the Tegucigalpa-San Jose [Agreement]," Saavedra told HRN radio.

Saavedra said that "each member is at liberty to vote, to reason any decision based on what they believe is best for Honduras."

The Tegucigalpa-San Jose Agreement signed between Zelaya and President Roberto Micheletti left to the Legislature the decision on the return [or not] of the former president.

It also specifies that this state power can request non-binding opinions on the subject from any state institutions it deems appropriate.

Translated from El Heraldo

Note that December 2 is three days after the November 29 elections.

Honduran institutions are executing the provisions of the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Agreement even though Manuel Zelaya (in typical fashion) announced he was backtracking from his commitment to the agreement days after signing it.  Honduran government officials have stated the signed agreement was final and it does not allow either party to renounce it.

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