Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Honduran Elections and President Micheletti

By Dr. Álvaro Felipe Albornoz P.

Some corrupt communist governments have signaled that they will not recognize the general elections to be held next November 29, 2009 in Honduras because they believe they are being conducted under an alleged "dictatorship" or "de facto government," and argue that former President Zelaya must be returned to power to allow the electoral process to have legitimacy.

These arguments are absurd, incomprehensible and violate international law standards and reveal the true intentions of these evil and macabre beings.

First, for the first time in history we are in presence of an alleged "dictatorship" that since it took office has proclaimed that it would only remain until January 2010, the date that marks the end of the corresponding constitutional period. Also, for first time we observe that a "dictatorship" that since assuming power, continues to organize the electoral process convened under the previous presidency and assigns financial resources to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and the political parties to enable normal development of the democratic event, resources which were denied and not delivered by former President Zelaya, who the "blind foreigners" consider a democrat.

As if that was not enough, President Micheletti has repeatedly offered his resignation, if that would help resolve the political conflict. What kind of dictator does this? Furthermore, on 19 November, at a press conference, President Micheletti said he would temporarily step down from the exercise of his functions from November 25 to December 2, to generate more international confidence in the electoral process. We again ask ourselves: What dictator does this?

Those who know what is happening in Honduras and those who are in clear reception of the thinking of the Honduran people and their institutions, we believe that it is not necessary for President Micheletti to step down from his post temporarily, as this action will not give more legitimacy to a process which is absolutely legitimate and legal. It could also lead to some act of destabilization of democracy by the agents of evil.

Honduras needs now more than ever, the presence of its leader in front of the steering wheel. President Micheletti has been the captain of this struggle carried out by Honduran people to defend their freedom and peace. Were it not for Don Micheletti, the fate of Honduras today would surely be another. His character, his firmness, his strength, his bravery, his courage, his integrity, his tolerance, his wisdom and his nerves of steel, led to a safe harbor the great ship of the nation of Honduras.

The days when the Constitutional President plans to be absent will be the most sensitive and important and the boat captain should not be missing. We know and understand that this offer by Don Micheletti is further proof of his democratic character and his extraordinary human condition, but we do not believe this absence is necessary.

The electoral process is guided and conducted independently and according to the Honduran Constitution, by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and guarded by the armed forces, which are available to this state organ. The President of the Republic does not interfere in that process and merely collaborates to ensure everything develops normally. So it is not necessary to remove himself from office, much less when President Micheletti has shown so much respect for the Constitution, the independence of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, and has been impartial in the political contest.

Moreover, the legitimacy of elections depends on the participation of the people, their massive presence, and the vigilance by national and international observers that everything is transparent. Honduras is the sovereign people who will legitimize their new President with votes. It is not the international community that is going to say who should be President of Honduras, only the people of Honduras get to say that. Who cannot understand this principle which is also enshrined in various international treaties and declarations?

We have faith that the Honduran people will massively vote and show support for democracy, these being the most attended elections in the history of Honduras and consequently the most legitimate. In Venezuela, the current National Assembly was elected by only 8% of the votes of the electoral roll, being therefore a spurious and illegitimate legislature, yet the international community has never said anything about it.

It should be stressed that in Honduras all public authorities and governmental bodies are running normally, and with the same people as during the Zelaya government. What kind of "de facto" government is this where all its institutions work as required by the Constitution? Similarly, there is not a single military member in any government office. How can you say there's a "military coup" when the military did not occupy positions of power but are still fulfilling their constitutional duties?

In this sense, in the real dictatorships of the world, the international community has always protested and asked the dictators to hold elections. This has happened in Chile under Pinochet, to name only one example. And who questioned the legitimacy of those elections? So how can something be asked of Honduras that has not ever been asked anywhere else in the world?

All this explanation reveals the true intentions of the international communism that wants the return of Zelaya, not to "legitimize" the election, but to end them, to suspend them indefinitely and carry out their plans of keeping authoritarians like Zelaya in power perpetually just like  Chavez, Correa, Ortega and company intend to do in their respective countries. That is why they do not accept that the "temporary" reinstatement of Zelaya occurs after the elections.

But Honduran people and its institutions are too intelligent and wise and they know what evil intentions these satraps hide. So the vast majority of the Honduran people who love democracy and peace, will go overwhelmingly to the polls to choose the men and women who will direct their destinies the next 4 years. Nothing and nobody can stop this expression of civility and dignity Hondurans will give.

The repudiation of the legal and legitimate elections in Honduras by the Communists demonstrates their indifference to democracy and popular participation. They want no free and fair elections. They want Zelaya to arrange the elections so they are fraudulent and manipulated like in Venezuela, Iran, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, Nicaragua or that there be no pluralistic and democratic elections like in Cuba.

That is why they oppose, why they are so shrill, why they insult and complain. But the truth is that in Honduras they met a wall of steel full of dignity and courage, they met the greatest, most beautiful, most decent and most democratic people in the world. The Hondurans are not just any people, there is no question about that. They are the most extraordinary gladiators of freedom, and when people are aware of the meaning of the word "freedom" no weapon, no country and no man can against prevail against them. So Honduras has defeated the forces of darkness as no one has done before and has become the light of the democracy.

While the kleptocratic government and human rights violator of Hugo Chávez does not accept what happened in Honduras, the Venezuelan people are in full solidarity with the country of Morazan and supported its actions framed within the principle of separation of powers. The same happens with other nations where Communist governments do not respect the sovereignty of Honduras, but whose people are clapping and shouting cheers to our Honduran brothers.

In conclusion, the President Micheletti should not step down from the Presidency for even a second until he hands over the office to the new President of the Republic and then be remembered on the golden pages of the books that will be written, while his detractors will be thrown into the manure pit of history.

So Hondurans Cheer up! Lift your hearts! You have triumphed! You are the hope of the world! Viva HONDURAS!, Viva HONDURAS! and Viva HONDURAS!

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