Sunday, November 1, 2009

political crisis is over, but the crazy continues

Manuel and Hector Zelaya.

Zelaya, caught in the Brazilian rat trap, had few options. Diplomats from Tegucigalpa commented to La Vanguardia that Zelaya, of course, knew very well that he was signing a document that was rather unfavorable to him as it left his possible return as president in the hands of the very same Congress that removed him, without setting any time limit despite the closeness of the elections. According to these sources, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America, Thomas Shannon, pressured Zelaya to sign under the threat that if he did not, his son, Hector, who is presently in the U.S., would be prosecuted for drug trafficking.

Translated from Spain's La Vanguardia. Photo courtesy of La Prensa.

WOW! This explains so much, particularly why the U.S. has been so quiet since their initial perfunctory statements on the Honduran crisis. It also explains why the Americans have been so indifferent lately about Zelaya's reinstatement.

U.S. officials had this ace in their hands all along.  They just waited until the crucial moment to twist Zelaya's arm. Obviously, this shows that the American government knows what Zelaya and his clan are all about, and that Obama administration officials understand why the Honduran institutions took the steps they did to remove him from power on June 28.

This is the final nail is Zelaya's coffin. There is no way he is going to be reinstated. The nightmare is officially over.

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