Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the question of the hour

Few people in Honduras have a better understanding of what is at stake than this man. Few people know all the candidates better than he does. A proven patriot, I'm certain Mr. Micheletti will support the man he thinks is best up for the challenge irregardless of that candidate's political party. These are historic circumstances. Evil has been heroically pushed out of the door, but it is still lurking not far beyond our borders. We need a leader in Honduras from the same mold as Mr. Micheletti. A man of strong democratic convictions and moral fortitude. A man strong enough to take on formidable adversaries. A patriot who truly loves this country, and is thus shielded from the insidious spell of Chavez's corrupting narcopetrodollars.

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La Gringa said...

I think it is admirable that while Micheletti encourages everyone to vote for the person they think is best, he hasn't expressed an opinion on the candidates -- unlike Zelaya who is trying to destroy one of the candidates out of revenge. Oh, and Zelaya was openly supporting Cesar Ham before 6/28, but interestingly hasn't encouraged anyone to vote for Ham now (that I've heard), like maybe he's still expecting that there won't be elections?