Saturday, November 14, 2009

picacho peaks

A view at dusk of the Picacho Hills from Paya Bay.

A view of the hills during a rainstorm.

These beautiful peaks, the highest on Roatan, are located in the Port Royal Wildlife Refuge. The forested acres that make up this refuge are a vital replenisher of ground water for eastern end of the island. There is a problem, however. Some of the people who own land adjacent to the park have encroached and are still encroaching on park territory. If this continues the park will dwindle and eventually disappear as developers go after this choice land. Something has to be done. An acre of "bush land" (forested land) in this pristine area of Roatan can be bought for about $15-20K (given current market conditions). It would be awesome for an environmental NGO with deep pockets to purchase the acreage on the perimeter of the wildlife refuge in order to create a buffer zone to protect it from encroachment. Right now is a great time to pursue this. People are hurting financially and are motivated to sell. It anyone "knows anyone" or otherwise has a suggestion on how to protect this beautiful wild area of Roatan, please leave a comment or contact me.

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