Wednesday, November 18, 2009

that Mary!

Angelina Jolie & Maria Alejandra Sanchez

My friend Maria Alejandra sent me this photo today. She moved to the Los Angeles, California area about a year ago, where she works with disadvantaged children. As we can see, the work she's doing in California is resulting in her rubbing elbows with some very interesting people.

Maria Alejandra and I were classmates at Mazapan School in La Ceiba, Honduras (Class of 89). She and several friends were involved in a tragic car accident a few weeks before we graduated. One of our friends died, Maria broke her back, and some of the other passengers had substantial injuries. Maria battled back heroically for years through physical and psychological hurdles (she was the [sober] driver). She now holds a Master's degree in psychology from an American university, and is doing very rewarding work with extremely less fortunate kids. I'm so proud of her. I celebrate her bright light.

CNN factoid: Maria Alejandra and I were voted Most Likely to Succeed by our senior class.

CNN factoid 2: We both follow The Secret.

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