Friday, November 13, 2009

scared sh_tless

Chavez makes a speech in front of a huge anti-American sign.

Caracas, Venezuela. Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez reiterated on Friday his attacks on Colombian President Álvaro Uribe, whose government he called a "lackey" and "sellout" while he called again on the Venezuelan military to defend the country.

"It's not Colombia that is threatening Venezuela, neither do we say that Colombia is a threat to Venezuela. (...) The American empire is the threat to Venezuela and is using Colombian territory that has been facilitated for this task by the submissive and lackey government of Uribe," said Chavez.

Translated from El Heraldo

Hugo Chavez is a paranoid coward. He's obviously scared sh_tless by the base-sharing treaty Colombia just signed with the U.S.  One of the reasons he is trying so hard to make his puppet, Manuel Zelaya, president for life in Honduras is to get rid of the American airbase here.  Now the thing he fears most -- the mighty American military -- is moving next door to him.  (The Law of Attraction at work.)

Chavez pushed the Americans too far, now they are pushing back. It's fascinating to watch the removal of this hysterical yet dangerous little tyrant unfold. It must be terribly unnerving for him to know he's in the gun-sights of the world's most powerful military.  Every little twig that snaps must make Hugo jump four feet in the air.

A Western Hemisphere free of Hugo Chavez will certainly be a great thing. Every Honduran patriot who has experienced the ordeal Chavez put our country through these past several months can vouch for that. He doesn't have to be killed (I want to clarify that I'm not suggesting that), but Hugo Chavez has to go.

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