Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Injured by bites. Desperation in the people."

Photo courtesy of El Heraldo

Did an AP photographer inadvertently capture Hugo Chavez's plan to incite a massacre in Tegucigalpa on July 5, 2009? The photographer took the photo above in Chavez's office in Ciudad Bolivar (Venezuela) that day. This was the day Manuel Zelaya attempted his infamous return to Tegucigalpa to "reclaim the presidency" aboard a Chavez jet. The writing on the lower corner of the whiteboard behind him translates thus: "051345JUL09 Swarm of African bees. Presidential podium. Injured by bites. Desperation in the people."

According to political and military analyst Mario Berríos, that message contains the military operation to be carried out in Tegucigalpa the afternoon of Sunday, 5 July, that was directed and coordinated by ex-military Hugo Chavez.

The numbers are the military format group-date-time. The "Swarm of African bees" are the rioters who had been ordered to agglomerate near the airport's landing field and, when given the order, would proceed to invade the field to receive Manuel Zelaya.

In military terms this is called a "Presidential podium", that is, Zelaya being put back in power by a civilian force.

Berríos found the words "Injured by bites. Desperation in the people." very troubling. He thinks the objective of the military operation commanded by Chavez, was to cause a massacre, desperation of the people, and, in turn, create chaos and anarchy.

Source: El Heraldo [English translation]

Evil. Repugnant. Sick.

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