Thursday, July 23, 2009

police: 32,820 pounds of cocaine confiscated

Yesterday Honduran National Police authorities revealed that in the last 4 years 14,887 kilos (32,820 pounds or 16.4 short tons) of cocaine have been confiscated and they have arrested a total of 2,584 people on charges of possession and drug trafficking. They also highlighted the seizure of 21 narco-aircraft originating from Venezuela in 2009 alone.

Source: La Tribuna

Wholesale value of a kilo of cocaine is around US$20-35K. Broken down into $60 grams the street value shoots to around US$60,000 per kilo []. So, using an average wholesale price of $27,500 per kilo, the wholesale value of the confiscated cocaine is approximately $409,392,500. The street value of this same amount of cocaine is $893,220,000.

Let's say (optimistically) the police were able to interdict and confiscate 25% of the coke moving through Honduras these last four years, in other words, 45,000 kilos were still able to get through. The wholesale value of this cocaine would be $1.2 billion. U.S. street value: $2.7 billion.

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