Saturday, July 18, 2009

Arias' 7 points

Costa Rican President Oscar Arias drafted a document with the seven points he thinks will help resolve the political crisis in Honduras.
  • First: the "foundation for reconciliation" according to Arias is the return of former President Manuel Zelaya.
  • Second: the formation of a unity and reconciliation government composed of representatives from all the different political parties.
  • Third: a general amnesty for all political crimes committed during the conflict, before and after June 28.
  • Fourth: Zelaya's must abandon his plan to place a "fourth urn" in the next election.
  • Fifth: moving the general elections from November 29 to the last Sunday in October. Also moving the beginning of electoral campaigning to the first days of September.
  • Sixth: the transfer of command of the Armed Forces from the Executive to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal a month before the elections to ensure the transparency and normalcy of the vote.
  • Seventh: integration of a verification commission composed of notable Hondurans, members of international organizations, particularly representatives of the Organization of American States to monitor compliance with the agreement and to oversee the proper return of constitutional order.

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