Thursday, July 30, 2009

disrespecting the Nicaraguans, too

Under the title "Ocotal is a Zelaya fiefdom," El Nuevo Diario of Nicaragua reported this week that orteguistas [Ortega supporters] and zelayistas [Zelaya supporters] blocked the entrance to [the town of] Ocotal preventing the passage of a delegation of Nicaraguan congressmen carrying a letter to the former president of Honduras.

In the letter, the deputies belonging to the Nicaraguan Democratic Caucus, were asking Zelaya to respect the hospitality of Nicaragua and to refrain from causing irregular actions within the country, go to another nation where his activities are tolerated, or to cross the [border] and return to his country.

However, it was impossible to deliver the document due to the reaction of the former president's supporters, who blocked the entrance [to Ocotal] with rocks, branches and metal fences.

Source: El Heraldo

Not allowing free transit to Congressmen in their own country. Nice.

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