Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zelaya's diabolical plan for June 28, 2009

This morning I called in to Michael Krasny's Forum show on KQED (NPR's affiliate covering San Franciso and Sacramento, CA). Mr. Krasny was discussing the "coup" in Honduras with guest Harley Shaiken, director of the Center for Latin American Studies at University of California, Berkeley.

Mr. Shaiken, in my opinion, was shockingly uninformed about the reality of what happened in Honduras on June 28. I informed him, Mr. Krasny, and the listeners that at the 11th hour (the night before the so-called "opinion poll" was to take place), Manuel Zelaya changed the name of the "opinion poll" to instead be called "opinion poll/call for constituent assembly" by publishing an executive decree (Executive Decree PCM-020-2009) in La Gaceta (the government gazette where laws and executive decrees must be published to become effective). He published this decree changing the rules of the game the night before the poll. Think about that.

So, this was Zelaya's diabolical plan (straight from the Fidel Castro/Hugo Chavez playbook):
  • With the 11th hour change to the name of the poll, he now had an official (though illegal*) referendum calling for a constituent assembly.
    *Honduran Law only allows the National Congress, by majority vote, to call a constituent assembly.
  • He was going to proceed to conduct a referendum that he (the executive branch) had total control over: they were going to execute it, tally the results, and announce them to the country. No independent observers, and no controls to ensure honesty.
  • The authorities (and many regular citizens) suspected he had the poll rigged (the ballots came from Venezuela on a Hugo Chavez plane for chrissake!) and that the 'YES' side was definitely going to win regardless of how Hondurans truly voted.
  • Since he would then have a "YES" "from the people" to "call a constituent assembly," that very night (Sunday, June 28) as soon as the results "came in" he was going to call the constituent assembly, dissolving the Supreme Court, National Congress, and any other institutions he deemed necessary in the process. The scheduled November General Elections would have been "postponed" if not canceled pending the implementation of the new constitution.
  • He was then going to form a "constituent assembly" composed of 'yes-men' and his cronies, and basically have a blank check to rewrite the Honduran constitution to his and Hugo Chavez's liking. (In fact, there are reports that the new constitution was already written by Cuban and Venezuelan 'agents' and just needed to be rubber-stamped by Zelaya's "constituent assembly").
  • Zelaya was surely going to do away with term limits and set himself up as a perpetual President just like Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela. He would keep periodic "elections" to maintain the guise of "democracy," but this would be "democracy" in name only.
  • We can be sure that this new constitution was going to be 100% in line with the "21st Century Socialism" that Hugo Chavez is slowly but surely spreading throughout Latin America.
  • Welcome to the República Bolivariana Bananera de Honduras. Governed directly by Hugo Chavez through his proxy Manuel Zelaya.

Seeing the dramatic change that was about to occur in Honduras (without authentic approval from the people), the Supreme Court ordered the military to arrest Zelaya. After his arrest, the military brass decided to remove him from the country to try to avoid the violence (and possible bloodshed) that his supporters would surely have resorted to.

THAT, folks, is what occurred in Honduras on June 28th. Were it not for the heroic actions taken by of our Supreme Court and military, right now Honduras would literally belong to Hugo Chavez.

Manuel Zelaya faces charges of treason to his country (plus 17 other charges). I and 80% of the people of Honduras concur with that charge.

STOP portraying him as a victim!

STOP portraying him as a victim!

STOP portraying Manuel Zelaya as victim!

See For Yourself: An Analysis of Executive Decree PCM-020-2009
[click image to enlarge]

Are you as outraged as I am at this scoundrel's actions? Tell me how the world community can expect us Hondurans to take back this alleged traitor as our President? Tell me.

Take action! We need to let world opinion know what Manuel Zelaya was attempting to do. Please send a link to this blog post to your friends and family. The URL is

Thank you, readers. Special thanks to Peter Madams for the tip regarding the California radio show discussing the situation in Honduras.


Olga said...

Good job, Davinci! It's funny how the "experts" want to give their opinion without knowing the truth!

Anonymous said...

Marvelous work. I've posted this to a number of blogs, and hope they will continue to pass it on. It, and your other material, are invaluable.