Monday, July 20, 2009

Insulza and dictatorship

This morning, Jose Miguel Insulza, Secretary General of the OAS referred to Micheletti's Interim Government as a "dictatorship."

Honduran citizen, Rafael Tristan, had this perfect response:

Insulza, I don't know what dictatorship means to you. The current president of Honduras took possession of the office according to the prevailing constitution. The president hasn't accumulated power to himself. The Congress that was elected by the people continues to function. The Supreme Court that was elected by the most transparent procedure in the history of Honduras continues to function. The armed forces are obedient not belligerent, and are acting as guarantors of our democracy.

The government is subject to laws and limits and does not control all aspects of life in the state and of its citizens. Therefore it does not resemble anything close to a dictatorship. The government does not intend to stay, and has assured the general elections will occur as scheduled. Recall that candidates for elected offices were elected within the law and with the approval of the people.

Insulza, Honduras is calm. The opposition, a minority, is allowed to demonstrate, even though they step on the desires of the rest of us. Zelaya Rosales is the one who wants violence. He says only hatred, desire for revenge, and lies about what happened in Honduras and what is happening. He wants to return to illegality (his statements confirm that he is insisting on calling the illegal constituent assembly), so he is not a solution.

Insulza, pay attention to reason and not to pressure from Chavez. Honduras is a noble country fighting for self-determination, something that is obviously a sin to the oppressors of the world.

Source: La Tribuna.

Insulza is such a Chavez stooge. Why does he not make these strong statements about Cuba and Venezuela, which are authentic dictatorships? Why did he recently spearhead the effort to invite Cuba back into the fold of the OAS? Why is this leftist hypocrite even the Secretary General of the OAS?

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