Friday, July 10, 2009

Reich: $100 million disappeared from Hondutel

Marcelo Chimirri at the moment of his arrest. Photo courtesy of El Heraldo

In court, Zelaya would have been asked why he named his nephew, Marcelo Chimirri, as manager of the state-owned phone company, Hondutel. About $100 million "disappeared" from the company after Chimirri's arrival. Though Zelaya protected him, an independent prosecutor appointed by the Honduran congress charged Chimirri with embezzlement. Since Zelaya's removal last week, Chimirri has been arrested.

- Otto Reich, former Bush Administration official

$100,000,000 USD "disappeared"! Think how much benefit could be done for the people of Honduras with $100 million! Instead it's very likely stashed away in Swiss bank accounts of these despicable rats. We are now starting to see the ugly underside of Manuel Zelaya's kleptocratic administration.

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