Monday, July 20, 2009

UnoAmerica: ousting was an impeachment

A portion of Cliff Kinkaid's Interview with Alejandro Peña Esclusa, President of UnoAmerica.

UnoAmerica recognized the new Honduran government. Who and what does UnoAmerica represent?

UnoAmerica is an Alliance of Latin-American Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), created to defend democracy and freedom, both currently in danger in our continent. We decided to recognize the new Honduran government because the ousting of President Manuel Zelaya was actually an impeachment. Zelaya wanted to change the Constitution, without the approval of the Supreme Court and the Congress, in order to stay illegally in power. As in all democratic governments, there are three branches of power in Honduras. In this case, the Executive wanted to stage a coup against the Constitution, and the other two powers (Legislative and Judiciary) did not let that happen. It is very simple.

Why is the world allied against the new government?

In part, because of disinformation, and in part, because Hugo Chavez and his allies have been conducting a black propaganda operation against the new government, in order to defend their friend Zelaya. Unfortunately, some authorities in the U.S. have fallen for that version, without really knowing what went on.

Why is Obama siding with Chavez and Castro on this matter?

I believe that, on the one hand, Obama is beginning to show his socialist tendencies, which were denounced during the American presidential campaign. On the other hand, Obama is letting himself be influenced by several presidents of Latin America, particularly Lula of Brazil, who is the real power behind the São Paulo Forum.

Can Honduras be saved from Chavez?

I think it can, but it requires the participation of all citizens, not only of Latin America, but of the U.S. as well. Honduras is facing tremendous pressures, and will not be able to bear them without the help of the world public opinion. Every article, every interview, in favor of the Honduran democracy helps to defend their institutions against Chavez's assault.

What has happened to the Organization of American States?

Unfortunately, 15 presidents of Latin America belong to the São Paulo Forum*, and seven other governments (especially from the Caribbean islands, who are dependent on Chavez's oil shipments) do as well. We could say, then, that 22 of 34 of the votes in the OAS are controlled by Chavez. José Miguel Insulza, Secretary General of the OAS, himself belongs to the Chilean Socialist Party, which is a member of the São Paulo Forum.

Entire interview here.

*the Sao Paulo Forum "is a coalition of communist and leftist parties and terrorist movements in Latin America."

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