Friday, October 30, 2009

the agreement

The pact signed by the two sides includes twelve points, but only nine were announced: [1]the creation of a government of national unity and reconciliation; [2]rejection of amnesty for political crimes and a moratorium on prosecutions for ordinary crimes. It was further agreed to [3]renounce a call for a national constituent assembly or to amend the bedrock articles of the Constitution; [4]to recognize and support the general elections and transfer of government power; and the [5]transfer of authority over the Armed Forces and National Police to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal [from now until after the elections take place].

Moreover, [6]the establishment of a verification commission to enforce provisions of the agreement; [7]the establishment of a truth commission to investigate events before, during and after 28 June 2009; and [8]request that the international community reestablish relations with Honduras.

The last point, which had stalled the negotiations and on which agreement was reached last night, was [9]the possible reinstatement of Manuel Zelaya which is to be settled by Congress, after consultations with the Supreme Court and other relevant authorities.

Vilma Morales, a Micheletti negotiator, said that no deadlines have been imposed for the Congress takes action on the agreement. Neither have deadlines been set for the Supreme Court or any other bodies to assess the agreement and make statements, which apparently would be non-binding.

[OAS official] Victor Rico highlighted the "patriotism" and "sacrifice" that both sides have shown to secure the signature of this agreement.

Translated from El Heraldo

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