Friday, October 16, 2009

no agreement yet

Reports are saying the dialogue between the Interim Government and the Manuel Zelaya's side has hit a wall.  Micheletti says that restitution is a legal issue and that the Supreme Court must decide it. Zelaya's saying that restitution is a political issue and that the National Congress should decide if he gets to return or not.

I agree with President Micheletti.  This is a legal issue.  The moment Zelaya broke our laws he became subject to the jurisdiction of our judicial system. A portion of the legal remedy for Zelaya's law-breaking has already been carried out: he was removed from power. However, he still has two arrest warrants pending against him that he must answer to. A president doesn't get a second chance to "not break the law again." He or she doesn't get "a warning" or a "we'll let it slide this time." Additionally, our Constitution is clear that once a person has held the title of president he or she can never hold it again.

Zelaya wants to get the Congress involved to create division. Chavez will pay Zelaya's sympathizers in Congress to create a big stinking scandal of apparent support for Zelaya, raising the volume and the intensity of the national discourse, and creating division among the Honduran people.  This is a divide and conquer strategy. Don't fall for it, President Micheletti.

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