Friday, October 16, 2009


Hondurans are definitely grateful for Team USA's Jonathan Bornstein's last minute goal that tied their match with Costa Rica 2-2 and allowed Honduras to automatically qualify for South Africa 2010. President Micheletti has offered Mr. Bornstein an all expenses paid vacation in the Bay Islands as an expression of gratitude. The American said he will consider taking the president up on his offer when his schedule frees up.

In an infuriating move, the resistencia, the rag-tag group of Zelaya supporters, called for Hondurans to "boycott" and not support the national team because "it was sponsored by coup-supporting corporations." This call, like all their hateful so-called "calls," went completely unheeded.  Curiously, both Zelaya and some members of his resistencia have recently made anti-Semitic statements. It's karmically interesting, then, that an American of Jewish ancestry made the goal that indirectly permitted the Honduran team to qualify to the World Cup, and made the resistencia's pathetic boycott of the team backfire even more violently in their faces. Karma is a bitch.

Cartoon courtesy of El Tiempo

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