Friday, October 9, 2009

online petition nominating Micheletti as a National Hero

I've started an online petition to nominate President Micheletti as a National Hero for his steadfast and unwavering defense of our Constitution, our laws, our democratic form of government, and our way of life.

Dear compatriots (and all those who also love Honduras),

As a result of the events of the past six months of our country's history, we have seen many honorable Honduran institutions and citizens act in heroic ways. Our Supreme Court, our National Congress, our Supreme Electoral Tribunal, our Armed Forces, our Police Force, our Ministerio Público, and our Procuraduría General are some of the institutions that have made us proud in their firm defense of our Constitution, our laws, our form of government, and our way of life.

One man, in particular, has been thrust by fate into the role of leading the Honduran people during this critical time. We are referring, of course, to Don Roberto Micheletti Bain, the Constitutional President of Honduras. Mr. Micheletti did not choose the role that has been handed to him, but he is performing it heroically. He is the focal point of immense pressure from a misguided international community (which seems unable or unwilling to understand the reality of our situation) to turn our noble and beautiful country over to a maniacal tyrant. Mr. Micheletti has stood firm, resolute, and unwavering in defense of our Constitution and the rule of law. With his extraordinary conviction he has forced the entire world to respect Honduras and the will of the Honduran people. For these and many more reasons, we hereby nominate President Roberto Micheletti as a National Hero of Honduras.

If you agree with this nomination, please sign this petition.

Click here to sign the petition (es bilingüe).

Pass it on!

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Unknown said...

I've been to your country twice in one year and had a beautiful time each time. Hope to visit again in January 2010.