Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Guaymuras talks bogged down over Zelaya's return

UPDATE 20/OCT/2009: Zelaya's representatives rejected this proposal (that is, that both Congress and the Supreme Court present reports to the commissions about the removal of Zelaya and that a decision on his reinstatement be based on those reports.)


The commission representing the government of Roberto Micheletti proposed today that they and the representatives of deposed president Manuel Zelaya be the ones to decide the solution to the crisis in Honduras, but based on reports from Congress and the Supreme Court.

The latest proposal is that both bodies [Congress and the Supreme Court] present to the dialogue commissions a report on the background and events that led to the removal of Zelaya on June 28, which would provide a basis for the decision, this according to Armando Aguilar, a member of the Micheletti's commission.

Aguilar made his comments after a break in the dialogue, which resumed this afternoon after finishing without agreement last week and with only one unresolved issue: the restitution of Zelaya.

The same source indicated that the requested reports from the legislative and judicial powers are "to justify the decision that would be taken at the negotiating table."

Last week, Zelaya's representatives demanded that the National Congress decide his return to power, while the Micheletti commission proposed that the Supreme Court should decide. These proposals were not accepted by either of the parties.

Translated from La Prensa

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