Thursday, October 22, 2009

quote of the day

The night is darkest before dawn.

- English theologian and historian Thomas Fuller

This is a dark hour for Honduras. Our elections -- a way out of this nightmare Manuel Zelaya led us into  -- beckon like a brilliant light a little more than four weeks into our future.  Sinister forces have aligned intent on making sure they don't happen.  Political chaos serves them and their vile agenda.

I believe Honduras will be just fine. We will get through this. We are very fortunate people, everything goes right for us. At the critical moments, the people we needed to be there for us, those people have been there and will continue to be there. President Micheletti, our Supreme Court, and our armed forces are prime examples of this.  Other freedom loving people are joining our ranks.  Evil will crumble in the face of this strong and unyielding opposition.  Our elections will be a peaceful and beautiful civic exercise. The free world will look on with awe and admiration.

As a people, we have made it clear how much we love and appreciate our freedom. No one will take it from us. This is a time of heroes. The world will not soon forget how hard Hondurans fought for their freedom in 2009. We are already a legendary and celebrated people, synonymous with courage and grit.

2010 will be the beginning of a bright and prosperous new future for my country.

And so it is.

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tricia said...

Excellent and uplifting.I could almost cheer.