Thursday, October 8, 2009

OAS failed to take action against Zelaya's undemocratic violations

Honduran Foreign Minister Carlos Lopez Contreras, complained today that the OAS did not respond to calls from Honduras to proactively implement the Inter-American Democratic Charter of that organization in response to the violations to the constitution and democracy that were being committed during the administration of Manuel Zelaya. 

López Contreras reacted this way to questions raised by delegates of the OAS during a meeting with interim President Roberto Micheletti. The commissioners of the OAS were expressing their disagreement with the way Manuel Zelaya was ousted from power. 

The Inter-American Charter has a defensive mission against the "pathological" vision of some governments, said the head of Honduran foreign policy.  He added that "this should have been implemented in Honduras, but you know that there was much laxity on practices that deviated from democracy, which stipulated that no elections would be held, and aimed towards a constituent assembly to clear Congress and the Supreme Court."

The foreign minister said the government of Zelaya "sought to rule without limits, no balances and no time limits" and questioned the OAS for not applying the Inter-American Charter under those circumstances. He reminded the ministers that "there were voices that called from Honduras for action by the OAS but those voices were not heard." 

In the case of Honduras, what happened was a deprivation of the exercise of power resulting from the carrying out of unconstitutional actions.

Translated from Proceso Digital

Mr. Lopez Contreras is saying that the OAS failed to do its job.  That seems to be the rule for this organization under the leadership of Jose Miguel Insulza.  Then again, many claim Insulza only does what his bo$$, Hugo Chavez, orders him to do.

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