Tuesday, October 6, 2009

sure there are enough of you? geez

In a brief statement, the OAS said the foreign ministers and representatives from ten countries in the Americas and Spain will arrive tomorrow in order "to promote dialogue and the restoration of democracy."

The delegation is similar to the one that visited Tegucigalpa in late August, although with more representatives from Central America. A new feature is the inclusion of Spanish Secretary of State for Ibero-America, Juan Pablo de Laiglesia, which gives the delegation an Ibero-American character.

The mission will be integrated by the foreign ministers of Costa Rica, Bruno Stagno; Ecuador, Fander Falconi; El Salvador, Hugo Martinez; of Mexico, Patricia Espinosa; and Panama, Vice President Juan Carlos Varela.

Also part of the commission will be the ministers of State for Foreign Affairs of Canada, Peter Kent, and Jamaica, Ronald Robinson, and the Guatemalan Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Miguel Angel Ibarra, and the ambassadors of Argentina and Brazil to the OAS, Rodolfo Hugo Gil y Ruy Casaes e Silva.

The high-level commission will also be composed of the OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza, and a representative of UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon.

Translated from La Prensa. Photo courtesy of La Prensa.

It is great that (all) these people are coming to "promote dialogue" between the two parties in the political brouhaha. I certainly hope a solution can be found that allows us to put this unfortunate episode behind us. As a Honduran, however,  this "restoration of democracy" B.S. from the OAS chaps my ass. Our democracy is just fine, thank you. It's in a lot better shape now that Manuel Zelaya has been rendered powerless to undermine and destroy it. If by "restoration of democracy" the OAS means the reinstatement of Manuel Zelaya, I have a strong feeling this exercise will be yet another colossal waste of time. Hondurans have made it abundantly clear how we feel about this alleged traitor to our country.

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