Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Guaymuras Talks breakthrough?


"Until now there is no definitive position on this point (return of Manuel Zelaya), but there are interesting alternatives on the table that we are working on," said Vilma Morales, chief negotiator for the Interim Government of Roberto Micheletti. She added that the dialogue will take longer.


Today negotiating teams seeking a solution to the political crisis in Honduras reached an agreement on the point relating to the reinstatement of Manuel Zelaya.

They did not reveal the content of the agreed upon text, which will be submitted for consideration to the ousted leader and President Roberto Micheletti.

"We have achieved consensus on a single text for Point Six (which relates to reinstating Zelaya to power) ... I cannot discuss the content of the text because I agreed not to do so, and I do not want to antagonize the other party," Victor Meza said at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. Meza is one of Zelaya's negotiators.

Meza did not reveal whether the agreed upon text includes the return of Zelaya or not.

Translated from La Prensa

Hopefully they've found a "text" that can work that doesn't put our democracy at risk for even a second. 

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