Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rep. Lamborn's Honduras trip report

We met with the entire Supreme Court minus only one, with Mr. Micheletti and several of his Cabinet ministers, with two of the three election tribunal members and also a citizens panel that included Americans living in Honduras. To a person, they not only wanted to be done with Mr. Zelaya but said if he was restored to power for even one hour, as the United States under the leadership of Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton has insisted, their country would be finished as a democracy.

Every single Honduran with whom we met stressed that the already scheduled Nov. 29 elections (which do not include Mr. Zelaya or Mr. Micheletti) are the way forward.

It boggles my mind that the United States is disregarding the constitution of a historical ally and the role of free and fair elections. Even worse, it furthers the regional goals of Mr. Chavez, an emerging tyrant who, not content just to oppress his own people, is an enemy of U.S. and civilized values and wants to spread his poison across an entire hemisphere.

- Rep. Doug Lamborn (R, CO), Washington Times

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