Wednesday, October 7, 2009

quote of the day

Today is a day of national reconciliation. The arrival of foreign ministers will help the world understand that we want to live in democracy. The presence of officials of the U.S. State Department contributes to a fundamental principle of nonintervention and respect for sovereignty, something the international community has lost sight of. With the presidential succession we firmly rejected living under a scheme of "socialism of the 21st century" and a permanent ideological and media pressure, as well as anxiety of not knowing where we were going and what we wanted. What has been defended, is not that one president stays or another goes, we reject illegality and the law of "I do what I want."

- Martha Alvarado, Deputy Foreign Minister of Honduras

Source: El Heraldo

Martha para Presidente en el 2014! Me gustaría ser su Ministro de Turismo. Necesitamos transformar nuestro país.

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