Saturday, October 24, 2009

preparations for Honduran elections advance

The preparations for the elections of November 29 advance against all odds in Honduras, despite that the political crisis entered a new phase after the unsuccessful conclusion of a new attempt at dialogue.

On Friday, The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), which has embarked on a strong offensive in the U.S. for global recognition of the elections, ordered the  printing of 15 million ballot papers for voting.

To be elected are a president and three presidential designees (vice-presidents), 128 congresspeople and 20 members to the Central American Parliament and 298 municipal mayors (all with their deputies).

"We must continue the electoral process, the printing of ballots has a period within the election timetable. If a candidate chooses not to participate at the last minute, that is an aspect to be addressed at that time," expressed the secretary general of the TSE, Alejandro Martinez.

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