Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vilma Morales: Guaymuras Talks "have advanced 90%"

We have advanced 90% in the dialogue. We have started discussing the central point [what to do about Zelaya] and on Wednesday we will continue posing different scenarios and alternatives.

- Vilma Morales, a negotiator for the Interim Government. Ms. Morales is a former Chief Magistrate of the Honduran Supreme Court and a hero of June 28.

So far, the sides have agreed that there would be a unity government; no amnesties; Zelaya would end efforts to rewrite the constitution and November 29 elections would not be pushed forward.

They also have agreed that a commission would be put in place to monitor implementation of the deal; that the military would come under the authority of the electoral commission until elections are held; and that the international community would be asked to drop sanctions against Honduras that followed the coup.

Source: AFP.

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