Tuesday, October 20, 2009

how things are done in ALBA countries

Managua, Nicaragua. The Nicaraguan opposition soundly rejected the verdict of the [Nicaraguan] Supreme Court which declared "inapplicable" a constitutional provision prohibiting continuous reelection, in a ruling favoring the reelection plans of President Daniel Ortega in the elections of 2011.

[Opposition congressman] Eduardo Montealegre described the decision by Sandinista judges of the Constitutional Court that declared inapplicable section 147 of the Constitution, which prohibits continual reelection of the President of the Republic, as an attempted coup and a blow to the democratic institutions, according to the Nicaragua Hoy newspaper.

Eduardo called on all political sectors, economic sectors, civil society, and the international community to reject and prevent this new abuse and illegality by Ortega.

He indicated that the Organization of American States (OAS), European Union, the United States Government, among others, have been contacted to communicate this attempted coup d'etat.

He said he hopes that the OAS has as belligerent a position with this attempted coup as it has had it with the case of Honduras. 

Translated from El Heraldo

Wow. The Sandinista judges declared a section of the Nicaraguan Constitution "inapplicable" to Daniel Ortega. Chew on that.  He obviously bought them off. That's how things are done in ALBAlandia. That's why the Honduran people want out of Hugo Chavez's sinister sphere of influence.

The Nicaraguans need to grow some balls and do like Honduras did: give Ortega a one way ticket to Costa Rica. Unfortunately for them, however, Ortega is very entrenched, he has a crushing grip on their country, and his pockets are full of Venezuelan money.

I'm truly curious to see how the OAS is going to react to this one. If they just shrug and brush off Ortega's power play, it will give credence to the claim that Hugo Chavez runs that organization.

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