Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today in Honduras

07:37 pm. Dialogue. The commissions seeking a solution to the political crisis through Guaymuras dialogue  will resume the talks tomorrow, said Vilma Morales counsel. The former president of the Supreme Court denied there was pressure from the U.S. delegation that arrived in the country today and highlighted the respect shown by these officials for an agreement among the Hondurans to overcome the crisis.

05:30 pm. Abuse. The OAS should not reject the outcome of elections in Honduras before examining the conditions under which they will take place, said the United States representative at the agency, Lewis Amselem. "For the OAS to discard the results of the elections without considering the conditions under which they will take place is an abuse of the right of self-determination of Hondurans," said Amselem.

04:04 PM. Reaction. Brazil reacted on Wednesday after the decision by Honduras to sue that country before the International Court of Justice for meddling in its internal affairs, saying that the court "will not even be receive" the Honduran request.

02:39 PM. Call. Honduras-based U.S. businessmen called the U.S. State Department to suspend its warning on travel to Honduras and expressed support for the replacement of Manuel Zelaya.

02:30 pm. Embassy. The U.S. Department of State mission arrived a few minutes ago at the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa to meet with the deposed president.

12:50 p.m. USA. Democratic lawmakers demanded that President Barack Obama accelerate his efforts for the prompt "restoration of democracy" in Honduras.

08:55 am. Third party. "There will be no reinstatement. We can talk about a third party, a constitutional sucession," said interim President Micheletti. According to Micheletti, the elections of November 29 will bring "more security and peace" to Hondurans.

08:16 AM. Elections. Interim President Roberto Micheletti said he will not discuss any settlement to the crisis "unless it's post-election" because with only 33 days to go, the elections are the fundamental issue in Honduras.

07:37 am. Tranquility. Faced with the threat by supporters of former President Manuel Zelaya of boycotting the elections, authorities confirmed that the armed forces are responsible for "ensuring the peace and tranquility of the electoral tables."

07:18 am. Operations. Commissioner Danilo Orellana reported that the National Police will conduct joint operations with the armed forces to shield the general election. Starting tomorrow, control of the Armed Forces will be passed to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to ensure the security of the electoral process.

Translated from El Heraldo

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