Friday, October 9, 2009

a "love letter" for Senator DeMint

Mr. Haire, I live in San Pedro Sula, in northern Honduras. I cannot comment on your description of Sen. DeMint as a far right reactionary in your article Jim DeMint is a blowhard (Aug 5,2009). I do not know enough about him, South Carolina's politics, nor about you. But what I can tell you with 100% certainty is that in our case, Sen DeMint is on the right side.

Our ex-president Zelaya was for a time surreptitiously maneuvering to impose upon us a Chavez/Castro type dictatorship. Eventually, since every institution (Congress, Supreme Court, Catholic and Evangelical churches, business groups, 4 political parties as well as his own, etc) lined up against his ruse, his maneuverings became flagrant breaches of our Constitution and violations of court rulings that contravened his dictatorial aspirations.

You affirm so assertively, as the Grand Inquisitors from the ‘international community’ have done, that it was a coup d'etat without even taking the time to carefully (or at least superficially) study what happened. Perhaps if you did, you would know that scholars in jurisprudence and international law at the Law Library of Congress, after studying Zelaya’s removal for 3 months, came to the conclusion that his impeachment had been executed according to rule of law dictated by our Constitution.

I assume that to you, we are nothing more than a banana republic; therefore we do not have the institutional capability to impeach a president following the rule of law. I live here Mr. Haire. I was witness to Zelaya's chaotic, erratic and above all, abusive administration. So this time I can vouch that Sen. DeMint is actually in the side of democracy and freedom.

Even if you find this too implausible, checks and balances actually worked in this banana republic and Sen. DeMint is helping us that it keeps working.

Source: Charleston City Paper

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