Sunday, October 18, 2009

world upside down

Click the image to enlarge. All this is happening with a U.S. military air base smack in the center of Honduras. Imagine if this base wasn't there? That is exactly one of Hugo Chavez's stated goals. He wants the Soto Cano (Palmerola) U.S. airbase out of Honduras. That is why he is so fiercely supporting his puppet Manuel Zelaya's restitution to the Honduran presidency. Chavez, Fidel, and their ALBA cronies want to open up a pipeline of narcotics (cocaine and heroin) into the U.S. that will make the Alaskan Pipeline look like a drinking straw in comparison.

For years, leftist insurgent groups in Colombia, principally the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), and right-wing paramilitaries have been financed largely by that country's cocaine trade. Conservative estimates place the annual revenue stream to the FARC alone at between $515 million and $600 million per year. (In 2002, the U.S. ambassador to Colombia put the figure at "several billion" dollars.) [source]

While the Chavez-Castro cartel wrecks America's youth and productive forces with easy access to hard drugs, it will use the proceeds from the drug trade to undermine U.S. national security interests throughout Latin America. The plan is as genius as it is evil. That is why it is SO CRAZY that the Obama administration is supporting Manuel Zelaya's return to power. That is why it is also so crazy that the Mexican government is supporting Zelaya. If the Mexicans think they have exorbitant amounts of drug trade-related violence now... just wait until the drug trade becomes fully state-sponsored and is being used deliberately as a weapon of anarchy, chaos, and social destruction.

The so-called "coup" that removed Zelaya from power in Honduras a little over three months ago was the first thing to go wrong in the Castro/Chavez plan. What's happening in Honduras right now is critical to the national security of both the United States and Mexico (and, one could argue, even Canada). In pressing for Manuel Zelaya's restitution, the North American governments are not acting in the best interest of their people. Wake up, Americans! Wake up, Mexicans! Wake up, Canadians! WAKE UP!

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Megan Mills said...

You could have a point there. I've been wondering all along why poor little Honduras was soooo important to Chavez and crew. He really pulled out all the stops to get his buddy Zelaya back in office. The US should put a little effort into getting the elections in November well observed so that they will be recognized as fair and legal, then Honduras can move on and get back to normal.