Friday, October 2, 2009

bye-bye peace prize #2

I tried to study the Constitution of Honduras, I do not think there is a worse constitution on the face of the earth.

- Nobel Peace Prize winner, Oscar Arias, this week.

Yes, Mr. Arias, making such an incredibly arrogant and deeply insulting statement about the Honduran Constitution is going to do wonders to foment peaceful feelings between the Honduran and Costa Rican people.  Who the hell decided you deserved a peace prize?

I believe this ridiculous statement is rooted in the fact that Hondurans have refused to let this "mediator" impose an "agreement" to resolve the political impasse that Hondurans have never actually agreed to. The reason we can't agree to Arias' proposal is because it breaks our law.

You owe Hondurans an apology, Mr. Arias. Your credibility has ceased to exist.

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Laura said...

Once again, here! This whole scene seems impossible, but everyday it gets weirder and weirder. Are we freedom lovers the only sane ones left on the planet? Keep on doing your great work. Sincerely, An Admirer of your honesty.