Monday, September 7, 2009

descendents of the Roatan Cooper brothers

Samuel and his two (2) brothers left New Castle England for the "New World" in 1815. The two Brothers named Thomas Cooper and John Cooper. They served the Armed Forces of Great Britain in the War of 1812 as some old records said "With their Swords Defeated" (Uncle Danny Cooper has one of the Swords on his wall). The Cooper's Brothers sailed to Philadelphia, PA. There, one brother Thomas separated from the others and went Northwest. John and Samuel Cooper traveled to Jamaica, BWI. Samuel Cooper sailed to Belize, British Honduras, CA., to stay as a settler. Samuel fell in love with Katherine McLead a lovely Irish young lady from Cork Ireland who was on a sailing ship to care for a baby of her Aunt, the wife of the Captain of the Ship, who was not a good sailor the story is told, and she often will get seasick from the voyage and not able to care for the baby. Katherine took care of her baby cousin. (To Continue)"

- Descendants of the Roatan Cooper Brothers

I'm Lurlene Cooper's son. She's the firstborn daughter of Bryan Evans Cooper. My grandfather went by his second name, Evans, or by his nickname "Uncle Peg." Amazingly, there is some kind of uncanny resemblance between the old man Sam Cooper and me (facial bone structure, deep set eyes, hairline). This is interesting...

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I am also a descendent of Lem Cooper, Oakridge, Roatan. My father was born to 'Uncle Lem' in 1928. I would be the great great granddaughter to the original Lem Cooper. My dad was always Lem Jr. to his mom, Arlene Zillah Preston Cooper. They resisted in Oakrodge until my grandfather passed away in 1987 or '88.