Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Honduran elections rolling

Today is the official launch of campaigning for the Honduran General Elections scheduled for November 29, 2009. Officials are predicting a historic turnout given recent political events, as well as the patriotism stirred up by threats from external actors like Hugo Chavez and his puppets (Fernandez de Kirchner, Correa, Ortega, Evo, Insulza, etc.).

There are six candidates for President, representing five parties and one independent effort. Traditionally only the candidates of the Liberal Party (conservative, despite its name) and the National Party (also conservative) have a chance of winning. Elvin Santos is the Liberal candidate and Pepe Lobo is candidate for the Partido Nacional.

Interim President Micheletti is promising the most transparent elections ever (evah!) and has invited several teams of international observers to document and certify this transparency. Now, here's a country going places!

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