Tuesday, September 22, 2009

President Micheletti: "we are happy to talk"

Interim President Roberto Micheletti, expressed his willingness to engage in dialogue with the participation of all sectors of society and impartial foreign diplomats.

"I'm announcing to the world: We are happy to talk. We will establish the commissions with people who have not been involved before," Micheletti said to the media.

He confirmed the invitation to dialogue "for the possibility that we can sit with serious and responsible agencies with which there has been no previous relationship." He said he would provide the names of people who make up the group this afternoon. He also ruled out involving presidential candidates (unless they request it) because they are immersed in their "political work."

The President dismissed the mediation of President of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias, although he "remains a respected man" and requested the participation of "someone impartial from United Nations that can come to listen to the position of Hondurans."

Photo and Source: El Heraldo.

He's elbowing Arias and the OAS aside and requesting impartial diplomats (in other words, diplomats without the Hugo Chavez taint).

Bravo Presidente Micheletti! El 90% de los hondureños lo apoyamos! Honduras libre y democrática!

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