Monday, September 28, 2009

U.S.: Zelaya's return was "irresponsible and idiotic"

Zelaya's return to Honduras was irresponsible and idiotic
and serves neither the interests of his people or those who seek the peaceful restoration of democratic order in Honduras.

[...] [Zelaya] has to act like a leader and send clear messages that express his views in a peaceful manner, he needs to stop making accusations and acting like a movie star. He needs to stop acting as if he's in an old Woody Allen movie.

[...] We believe his return was a grave mistake.

- Lewis Amselem, Deputy U.S. Representative to the OAS

Source: La Tribuna

Refreshing change in tune from a U.S. official. Are they finally coming around? By the way, Mr. Amselem, Zelaya's behavior is routinely "irresponsible and idiotic." We Hondurans have grown irreconcilably disgusted with it. What other than an "irresponsible and idiotic" president would have led his country into this mess?

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