Friday, September 25, 2009

cry me a frickin' Amazon River, Brazil

In a ridiculous and outrageous move that has Hugo Chavez written all over it, Brazil pressed the UN Security Council for a military intervention in Honduras claiming it feared for the safety of its embassy in Tegucigalpa. All it was able to squeeze from the Security Council was a statement that the Honduran government "cease harassment" of the embassy.

The Brazilian government should have better analyzed the consequences of its actions before it allowed a legally deposed former president to use its Embassy as a "command post" to call for insurrection and disobedience of Honduran authorities. Manuel Zelaya is a fugitive from Honduran justice and our authorities have every right to keep as much security as they deem necessary in the area. Where the Brazilian embassy stops, Honduran territory begins. No country has any right to tell Hondurans what they can or cannot do on Honduran territory.

El Heraldo is reporting that once again today Zelaya made a call for insurrection from the embassy. This is preposterous! The Brazilian diplomats in Tegucigalpa had better gag their "guest" or throw him outside the gate to face the charges pending against him.

The Honduran Government has stated it has no intention of violating a foreign embassy.

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