Sunday, September 20, 2009

Panama will recognize November elections

The Government of Panama will recognize the president resulting from the November elections in Honduras, "as long as they are held in a transparent manner and seek reconciliation," said the vice president, Juan Carlos Varela.

Source: El Heraldo.

Finally. Some reason and common sense. I hope this starts a trend. The fake hysterics displayed by other hemispheric governments regarding the political events in Honduras is, frankly, annoying and fatiguing. Manuel Zelaya in multiple instances allegedly broke the law and defied our courts. In doing so he abundantly proved that he's not worthy of the Honduran presidency. Emboldened by Chavez' advice and petrodollars, Zelaya acted like he was above the law. As a result, was removed from office. He got what he deserved. My advice to regional governments: Get over it, see this loser for what he is, recognize the upcoming elections, and let's move on. It's not complicated.

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