Friday, September 25, 2009

presidential candidates meet with President Micheletti, then Zelaya

Four of the six presidential candidates met with President Micheletti yesterday afternoon. (The two far-left candidates apparently refused to participate.)

In the evening they met with Zelaya at his Brazilian embassy "lair." The candidates refused Zelaya's request to pressure that he be reinstated in the Presidency.

They issued a statement:

We urge the parties to resume a dialogue so that, with the additions and contributions that can be agreed within the negotiating process, a fair and balanced solution to the political crisis we are going through can be found.

Any position designed to discredit the elections being conducted in a fair and transparent manner not only aggravates the crisis, but it would be a total and absurd denial of the principles that underpin democracy. We ask the international community respect for our laws and the principles of national self-determination, helping to strengthen, not weaken them.

Top photo: El Heraldo. Bottom photo and source: La Prensa.

Dialogue is obviously a good thing. However, Zelaya's removal was legal, so his position is extremely weak. He is just a regular citizen at this point, and one who is a fugitive from justice.

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