Tuesday, September 1, 2009

fake, whiny, victim talk

How can legitimate, transparent and democratic elections be held?

- Manuel Zelaya, Reuters

This question comes from a man who had the ballots for what would have been his illegal and completely unmonitored June 28 referendum flown in from Venezuela. The man who did not submit (as our Constitution mandates) a 2009 national budget to Congress so that he could later claim there was no money to finance the November general elections. A claim he was already making, by the way, right before our armed forces handed him his one-way ticket to Costa Rica. A very dubious claim, indeed, considering that it has now been revealed that Zelaya spent some 600 million lempiras (US$32 million) to promote his referendum project to sack the Honduran Constitution and remain in power. In other words, there was lots of money to rip up the Constitution, but (according to him) not any money for the general elections. See what we were dealing with here?

One of the first official acts by the interim Micheletti administration was to identify, protect, and make available the funds for the November elections. It's very obvious to me one of these men truly cares about democracy in Honduras and the other is a glaring hypocrite.

The Answer to your question, Zelaya, is: The elections will be held just fine, thank you. Particularly without you around to sabotage them, you pathetic, anti-democracy, Hugo Chavez servant.

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