Thursday, October 1, 2009

"democracy, not an individual"

Yesterday the Mexican government through its foreign minister, Patricia Espinosa, stated that they "support democracy, not an individual." Earlier this week, U.S. Ambassador to Honduras, Hugo Llorens, made a similar statement about his government's position. Given Zelaya's idiotic antics (e.g., calling for insurrection and violence in Honduras) and poor judgment (e.g., doing this from another country's embassy), it's not surprising that these countries are having second thoughts about putting their reputations behind him.  Zelaya is his own worst enemy.  He's so compromised that he's apparently compelled to carry out instructions from Hugo Chavez, even instructions that are destructive to his own people and his own country. Chavez has demolished this man, and the South American tyrant will do the same to Honduras if given a chance.

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